Sesh Savvy Stands For

Smart Event Sales Hub

Synchronized with Assessment Validated Verification Yielder

Try saying that with a mouth full of Beamish!

In a nutshell, this means that Sesh Savvy has the best events system, and it’s integrated with an Advanced Online Education system that uses an offline assessment to verify your identity.

Sesh – Hybridized Education was designed for Freelance Tutor’s and Community Education Centres. To provide them with a feature rich Adult Education and Events Portal.

Sesh combines a powerful LMS, Live Tutor Managed Interaction and an Event Orientated Social Network to encourage participation, communication and interaction between Students, Tutors and Education Centres.

This sums up the defining objective that was at the core of why Sesh Savvy was created.

The mission was to create an environment where students could undertake a wide range of courses. A mixture of professionally accredited and fun personal interest courses. While benefiting from course content being delivered in Hybridized Format.

There are 7 levels of learning on Sesh

Levels 1-2 are Tutorial Type Courses that do not have any tests or exams at the end of them and learners would typically undertake them for their own personal benefit.

Levels 3-4 are a mixture of Tutorials and Document lead training that would be conducted entirely online and that would consist of a short test at the end of the programme.

Levels 5-6-7 (also their QQI equivalent) are more advanced and intensive courses that would consist of Live Online Tutor Guidance, self learning, Exams, Assessments and Work Experience, and are delivered in a hybridized format

Hybridized Education – In Your Own Time – And In The Real World

Hybridized Education is exactly as it sounds and looks. It is an advancement of blended learning. A hybrid of Course Content delivery techniques and open source software packages. Fused together with a perfect balance of Study Life and Social Engagement. Where blended learning maintains some limitations in terms of classroom attendance and course timelines, hybridized course delivery adds even more flexibility to these elements of a course while maintaining assessment integrity and ensuring that where applicable, students will get the full benefit from work experience modules within their chosen subject.

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Discussion & Development of Sesh takes place at the Webythos Development Open Source Discussion & Collaboration Forums over at Newclear.Enterprises

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