What does Hybridization mean for Tutors and Education Centres?

Further Reach

As an education provider, hybridization will give you more control over where and when assessment elements of a course occur.

The times and location for assessments are added as a variable during the course development stage. If you have already got accreditation for a course you can expand your student reach easily. Simply add additional assessment venues and dates later. You will no longer be confined to providing training only from your own premises. Your ability to broaden your reach will be based on:

  • the quality of the course content you are providing.
  • the feedback students leave for your course delivery
  • your ability to find suitable locations to host assessments

Gain more control over assessment attendance by limiting the number of students that can attend at given locations or times. In light of the current Coronavirus situation, this could be very beneficial in future. Instead of having all students attend the same location at the same time. Assessments from a single course can be dispersed to multiple locations or be conducted with staggered times.

Course Administration

SeshSavvy.com also provides you with a comprehensive tool for post course enrollment administration. It is built on one of the most advanced and popular Learning Management Systems in the world. Integrated tools to assist tutors and education staff come as standard. Attendance records, plagiarism detection, assignment submission, and certification just to name a few features.

Course Sales

SeshSavvy.com also provides you with a robust place where courses can be enrolled in directly through our site. Students can have instant and direct access to their course content. Content can also be released to students on predefined schedules.

SeshSavvy.com also provides Tutors and Education Centres with a collaborative front-end. All members of education centre staff can share documents or other file types. This can be used for different aspects of centre management, such as policy development, new initiatives etc.

Hybridization for Students

As a student, hybridization gives you more freedom to learn in your own time. All of your course content is available online. You will also receive weekly live tutorials from your course tutor via the Live Sessions section(in the higher level courses anyway). Miss a tutorial? No problem. Sessions can be recorded and the recording becomes part of your course content. Essentially hybridization means that even though most of your course work is online. Assessments are carried out in exactly the same type of controlled environment that they would be conducted in a fully off line course. You will receive exactly the same standard of learning that you would expect from an “in person” course.

In addition to the academic benefits discussed above. SeshSavvy.com also provides (or at least will when this quarantine thing is over!) students with a unique events portal and social network. It is designed to encourage interaction and promote a healthy social life between users.

To sum it up

As far as online education goes, SeshSavvy.com is a unique and ideal first step in a students progression through adult education. All students that undertake level  6 or 7 courses at SeshSavvy.com are encouraged to explore their options for further education in their area.